#SaveFoP: Save Our Freedom of Panorama


Image © Grant Smith

On 9 July 2015 the European Parliament will vote on the “Freedom of Panorama” legislation, a law that if passed will restrict your right to take photographs from a public place of buildings and even views that have been copyrighted. Read more here.

In the the days leading up to the vote photographers rights campaign group I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist (PHNAT) and the London Photographer’s Branch of the National Union of Journalists calls on all photographers, professional and amateur, to go out and photograph your local landscapes and views, then tweet your photos to the European Parliament.

Then Tweet this: “.@Europarl_EN Save Our Panoramas #saveFoP @phnat wp.me/p5htzI-4A” and add your photo!

PHNAT also asks that you to sign the Change.org #saveFoP petition.

You can also contact you local MEP and ask them to oppose the legislation. You can find your local MEP here .

The Freedom of Panorama campaign is also supported by the National Union of Journalists, the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, the British Photographic Council and the NUJ Photographers Council.

Lets send a panoramic message to the European Parliament, that we do not accept this monumental infringement on our right to take photographs in a public place.


  1. Oh my gosh! I hope they are successful in overturning this and I would love to participare in the photo protest. You know how much I dislike someone telling me I can’t take a photo of a public place….


  2. we have been thro this before , threatened with being arrested as a terrorist , a paedofile and any thing else the police felt they could use….it was a nightmare . taking away our camera asking us to expose films we refused to do either .we clarified the law except for |MOD and other secret installations you have an absolute right to take photo graphs . only a judge can only order you to destroy your film


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